How can Leelija’s SEO Services Help You?

Revenue Increase

Revenue Increase

After a huge organic traffic count on your site, we assure you that you will definitely see a significant level up in revenue.

Brand Image

Every company’s dream to be the best brand’s at online recognition. However, we help you giving affordable seo services for small business by creating a positive brand image.

Blogging Outreach
More sales

Have more Sales

By promoting your site in search engine rankings you will get more visitors.

This means you got the opportunity to flaunt more ideas that easily increase your sales. More sales make more profits in your small business seo service.

Faster Growth

All the aforementioned effective factors help your business or brand to grow faster and create a bigger impact on this huge online platform.

Faster Growth

Real Ranking Sites

Manual outreach on 100% real sites ranking in Google

Customize Your Criteria

Choose between Domain Authority or Publisher Traffic

Fast Deliverables

7-day turnaround time guaranteed for your Guest Post

Reseller Friendly

Reseller friendly white-label reports to share with your clients

Different kinds of SEO Services

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO

Lift up your enterprise website through the help of our enterprise SEO services

E- Commerce SEO

Boost traffic on your eCommerce site and start sales through our effective eCommerce SEO services

E- Commerce SEO
SEO Audit

SEO Audit

You can avail of SEO audit services by our experienced, quite efficient audit team.

Local SEO

Our local SEO service will help you to increase local traffic from your consumers.


Recovery of SEO Penalty

SEO penalty is very common in this platform. We assure you of penalty recovery services. Through a focused strategy, we recover it from Google's penalty.

SEO Contract Staffing

Get the best SEO performance from our SEO contract staffing services

SEO _Contract Staffing

For best outreach services

Why Leelija best as SEO Service Provider?

Being one of the best seo service company, our aim to fulfill our client’s desires and make them satisfied by providing professional seo services. We provide the best SEO strategies that increase your digital revenue. Our dedicated team helps us to lead the industry:

Efficient Project Manager

Efficient Project Manager

Every brand needs a project manager, no matter how big or small a project you get. For every project requirement, we need a project manager to deliver high-quality outcomes every time. The responsibility of the project manager is quite high.

Team of 30+ SEO Specialist

In a short time, we have made a strong team of 30+ SEO Specialists. We divided projects to each individual at a time so that they can work with full concentration. Our team member works with lots of dedication and focuses on achieving their defined goals.

Team of 30+ SEO Specialist
Award Winners

Award Winners

In the past 2 years, for our outstanding performance in the SEO world, we have earned more than 7 awards. Our dedication, hard work, and efficiency towards work made us no.1 in the SEO industry.


Our seo service company is two years old but our team members have not less experience. Our team has experience of 10-12 years in the SEO industry.

Constant monitoring

Constant monitoring

We constantly monitoring every reports to our clients so that they updated with the latest performance. These reports help us to know the structure of your brand through the performance.

Analyzing Data

Before starting on a new project we always analyze past data of that site. It helps us to plan and do it to perfection.

>Analyzing Data

What Our SEO Services Includes?

Leelija is one of the best seo service provider in the SEO industry. With its flair, we deliver amazing results in the form of search engine rankings. We exceed marketing goals too. Leelija has a proven track record of providing top-tier seo consulting service.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

  • We deeply analyze your competitors’ works and their SEO practices. Because it is necessary to chart out a commendable strategy to build on and counter them to get ahead.
  • Affordable local seo services offered including competitor’s chosen keywords and their target pages to generate traffic and their traffic value.

SEO Audit

  • In SEO Audit services, our experts of SEO go through with site’s pages and make a list of requirements what to do and what to not
  • We conduct 200+ webpages including content, URLs, web architecture, and responsiveness through SEO Audit.
  • For your webpage ranking, we will submit a comprehensive audit report along with all the details for improvement and optimization.
SEO Audit
Keyword Research

Keyword Research

  • Leelija as a local seo marketing company offers many critical elements that utilized with effective keyword analysis.
  • We have experts in keyword research for your website. Experts will choose the best keywords so it is quite easier to rank your website on SERP.
  • If you want organic traffic generation on your site, it is very important to target the best keywords and targeted for each page
  • Keyword analysis and optimization are parts of our complete SEO services.

On Page SEO Services

  • We optimize each and every web page on the website so your website can easily rank higher on Google.
  • Our team analyses each contents’ readability, category, tags, focus keyphrase, meta title, meta description, slug, and also makes the article SEO friendly. By these analyses, we ensure that we do not neglect anything that could affect your website rankings on SERP.
On Page SEO Services
Content Optimization

Content Optimization

  • The most important part of any webpage is the articles. No doubt, the content has the ability to determine everything for your online business.
  • Our seo consulting service team creates and optimizes content for your webpages. Always makes it SEO-friendly to boost your pages.
  • We always ensure that all contents have your company’s SEO goals

Contextual Internal Link Building

  • The main motive of any webpage is to inform and educate the visitors. Leelija offers genuine link building services for both internal and external.
  • Internal linking is very prevalent among e-commerce SEO services.
Contextual Internal Link Building
Off Page SEO Services

Off Page SEO Services

  • Off-page SEO services, influencer marketing, and Digital PR services help a lot to boost up your brand on a vast network.
  • Our outreach campaign services did popular brand promotions on various platforms to engage with famous bloggers, vloggers, and other social media influencers.
  • Also, through our Digital PR Services, we promote your brands, products, and services on the digital landscape.

Regular Reporting

  • We believe in good relationship with our clients so we report daily and engage targeted audience with their website.
  • Our all user data, reports, analysis we share in excel sheets.
  • Regular reports help you to see all the aspects like site traffic, traffic value, and other summaries and detailed analysis of your website.
  • Our reports combine with consultant seo services data with impactful visualization and a new change from the number alternatives.
Regular Reporting

Benefits of Choosing Leelija

Attract Your Audience

We provide high-quality social media consultancy marketing services through which you can attract your audience. We help you to get tangible results from our services.

More Trust and Authority

Leelija is one of the best marketing company. We improve your brand using our best social media marketing services. Our social media experts help you to establish your business objectives.

Transparent Reporting

We detect and record every reports of your brand to find out your clients’ thoughts. Our experts will regularly report you with the current updates of your website.

More Leads

Our company is quite efficient to generate leads for your website. Our experts have much ability to increase the quality traffic in your business in a short time.

Engage Your Audience

Social media is a huge platform to grow your online business. At Leelija our social media experts make this platform a highly effective to engage and communicate with your target audience.

Contact Us 24/7

Leelija is 24/7 available at your brand service. We took our promises to give our clients best results. You can easily contact us through chats, phone calls, emails, Skype.

Frequently Asked Questions On SEO Services:

Submit your requirement or query, We will process it within 24 hours.

  • What is SEO?

    SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization. Optimization is the basic thing in all SEO practices. If your website, content, and other social media platforms are optimized across the internet so that it increases your brand’s online visibility. Your website will rank on the first page of SERP./p>

  • How does SEO work?

    The time to create a website design is depending on your site and demand. If you provide us deadline then our team work hard to fulfill it. We give time to time work for our clients.

  • How Much Do You Charge For Web Site Design?

    SEO can change your online presence by making your website more attractive on search engines like Google and Bing. Search engines regularly crawl your site and show every record. Make sure your website is easy for search engines to fully understand your website. Good SEO practices increase organic website traffic and your site visitors at no more additional cost.

  • How much does SEO cost?

    SEO can cost approximately $250 to $7000 in a month. A seo service agency or SEO expert will charge after considering the project scope. Though it completely depends on what the seo service companies offering and in what element your company is working.

  • What Kind Of Technology Do You Support?

    We have experienced web design experts on JavaScript, XHTML, XML, CSS, DHTML, PHP, and Flash. If you need other technological support then we try to connect our partners to meet your requirements. For that you don’t need to pay additional cost.

  • How long does SEO take?

    Well, it entirely depends on your goal of SEO, search campaign, and the performance of your company. SEO is a lengthy process you cannot expect results from the word go. You need to be patient and calm. Always focus on your strategy. Plan heavily so you can see the results starting to flow after 4-5 months.

  • Will blogging help SEO?

    Yes, blogging boosts your site. Search engines are always looking for fresh content on your website. So, write high-quality content that will sufficiently fulfill users’ questions. With on-page SEO tactics, Google will find your site more easily.

  • Do I get report?

    Yes, all the works will be reported by the end of the day. All the data will be shared in an excel sheet so that everyone gets information. These will also help the client to measure the impact of SEO service.

  • How can I find quality SEO services?

    Don’t hire any local SEO agency because they might charge a lot. Search some trusted companies and consult with them about your plan, strategy, expectations, and understand the business objects.

  • How to improve website authority?

    By creating quality backlinks, content optimization, on-page optimization Domain Authority will be increased.

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