Brief information about Websites and web Developers!

A collection of many web resources like web pages, multimedia content to be defined under a particular domain name is called a website. Like Wikipedia, Google, Amazon and many more website. We can access the website via public internet protocol (IP) such as local area network (LAN) or the internet. A website comes with many functions and can be used for many purposes. If we are using a website for personal use it would be a personal website or if it is being used by a company then corporate website.

The government also uses websites to promote their schemes and let people know about them. A website absolutely dedicated to a particular topic or purpose ranging from entertainment, social networking websites which provide news and education contents.

In simple words, a website is a place where a particular best web design company or person puts information which can be found easily on the World Wide Web. We also call websites as a web presence. In this article, we are going to describe why there is a need to build a website and who are its designers and developers. Keep reading this article to know more about websites. 

Who is a Website designer?

Web sites designers are those people who used to build a new website with different skills and disciplines.

They use to manage different areas of web design which are web graphic design, interface designing, authoring standardized codes and user experience designs. They arrange all the information, services in one web page. Most of the time this process is done by a professional team or sometimes it could be done by a single person. These web designers typically target a particular topic or purpose while building a website. Web designers must be up to date with web accessibility guidelines and to have awareness of usability.

Note: Web designers must take care of such things while building a website like all the needs of a website to define properly a particular topic and easy to use and access. Web designers should have good skills in visual design, user experience, search engine optimization, social media, marketing, and software like HTML and CSS.

Role of website designing company:

A web design company is responsible for the design of website layout and its coding.

  • They also have a major role in looks of a website and how it works.
  • They are also responsible for the technical and graphical aspects of a website.
  • Maintaining and updating a website is also a part of their job. Their job could not be finished by establishing a website they also used to attract the audience and identify the content of the website.

A brief description of their job responsibilities is given below: 

  • They have to write the program code by adapting existing website software and graphics related to business requirements.
  • They have to test the website on a regular basis and solve the technical issues. 
  • They use to upload the website on a particular server and register it with different search engines. 
  • They update all the latest services provided by an organization on the website build for the company.
  • Support and answer the queries asked by users or audiences is also a part of their job. 

Difference between web designers and developers:

Most of the time Web sites designers and the developers should be two persons or a whole team. But sometimes both jobs could be done by a single person. The difference between job roles is given below. 

Web designer:

Those who used to build the layouts and other elements with the help of various design programs such as Adobe Photoshop are known as web designers. Their job is just to build a website which targets a particular topic with technical and graphical aspects.

Web developer:

On the other hand, who bring life into a website is known as web developers. They take a new website and make it functional with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other programs. They also have to take care of websites activities and regular needs.

Updating the website with latest techniques on a regular basis is also a part of their job. They are also known as programmers. Web developers use to convert a static layout into a dynamic website by using images, contents, active links and many more other elements. 

Why there is a need for a website?

Every businessman wants to attract the audience and earn more and more. They have to do direct interaction with their audience. It’s not possible to make a physical interaction with all the audience. That’s why people used to build an official website for their audience’s queries and let them know about their products and services. An official website can perform a major part of your ongoing business.

  • Nowadays people are more passionate about digitalization. They used to do research as much as they can before investing in any products and services.
  • A website is the easiest source to let people know about all the updated services of your company. You can solve their issues immediately when you get those issues.
  • A website has the efficiency to make a strong bond between your company and your audience. That’s why it is very necessary to build an official website for every business. 


In this article, we have discussed the website, best website designers and developers and also the benefits of official websites. Official websites are one of the basic necessities of a business. As technology grows people do research and compare the price value from many websites before they are going to invest in any products and services. A good skilled and professional team of web developers can perform a major role in your business. They have to answer all the queries asked by the audience and sort out issues as soon as possible. This will put a great impression on your audience.

We can say a well-designed website, a professional team of web developers are the basic needs of a businessman for the growth of their company.

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